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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hallowe'en from Lug!!!!

We haven’t even started trick-or-treating yet and the Lug office is buzzing!!!!  No need for candies and chocolates (well…maybe after lunch!!).

Check out our Luggers all decked out for Hallowe'en!!!

Vana, Julia, and Stacey from our Communications Department:

Gen, Herman, Sarah, Masa, and Geoff from our Marketing Department:

Salt (a.k.a Fiona from Accounting) & Pepper (a.k.a. Kevin from Customer Service):

Sonya and Blair from Systems:

Jessie, Kirill, Renee, and Samira from our Accounting Department:

Bonnie, Michael, Edison, Sean, Oneil, Erick, and Kanae from our Warehouse:

Lauren, Kristen, Bryan, Chris, and Peter from our Sales Department:

We’re all about healthy competition so tell us which department WINS for best costumes???

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