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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lug® Retailer Spotlight: Sugar & Spice Chocolates

Located in Exeter Ontario, Sugar & Spice Chocolates is a chocolate boutique manufacturing a large selection of fresh, hand-crafted chocolates that are made with the highest quality ingredients available.  Their candy is made in small batches in a modern environment using old time recipes that have stood the test of time.  Not only are their confections made in the traditional way, the décor of the store brings memories of days gone by.

Best known for their mint smoothies, Sugar & Spice Chocolates also carry a wide selection of gifts including Jelly Cat, Portmeirion, and the full line of Lug® products “with great success”, says Cherie Earle, owner of Sugar & Spice Chocolates.

In her personal collection, Cherie has the Skipper, the PJ Wheelie, the Tuk Tuk, the Slingshot, the Clipper, the Freight Box Lunch Cube, and the Eco Pod.  “I love the cross body bags so that your hands are free!”

But her absolute favorite Lug® products are the Freight Box Lunch Cube, the Eco Pod, and the Slingshot.  “Every time I go to the grocery store I am asked where I got the Eco Pod (I wish that you would bring it back…).  When I travel, I carry all three items.  We were out to British Columbia this year on the motorcycle and we packed the Freight Boxes with chocolate bars and smoothies, and a cold bottle of water.  We like to treat people that we meet along the way to our chocolate.  Three weeks later the chocolate was still in perfect condition!!  Also, when we are away, we also use the Freight Boxes to go to the market and buy cheese and cold cuts to have as late night snacks.  Great way to travel!”

How does Cherie live life in color?  “How could you not enjoy your life in color working in a candy store…”.  “Ditto” is what I say!  And can you guess what Cherie’s favorite color is???  CHOCOLATE BROWN (of course!!!!) 

Chocolate and Lug®, what a winning combination!!!

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