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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Color Theory Thursday: Orange

Fall is in the air, and with fall comes a cornucopia of color—reds, yellows, browns, and, of course, ORANGE! Here are some interesting tidbits about the color orange.

With the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, orange is an invigorating mix that represents happiness, creativity, and enthusiasm. Per this site, "Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity." Hmm. Maybe I'll paint my office orange.

P.S. Don't forget to pick up your Eco-Shopper (pictured) for trick-or-treating!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lug Sponsors Human Race Benefit

On October 15-16, Lug was a proud sponsor of a Toronto event called the Human Race, which benefitted the North York General Hospital. This huge hospital sees more than 100,000 patients a year, has the second busiest emergency center in the greater Toronto area, and delivers more than 5,800 babies each year (that's a lot of diapers)! Teams scored a custom Lug bag (pictured) to take on their "FUN-draising adventure," and we were happy to support such a great cause!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ready for All Hallows' Eve?

In just over a week, trick-or-treaters hit the street. Are you ready for the festivities? If no, you've got all weekend to get your ghoul on.

We're loving the ideas found at and But however you decorate and whatever you wear, arguably the most important aspect of the Halloween tradition is locating the perfect trick-or-treating bag. Because, as we know, tricks are fun, but treats are YUM! Your kids will want an extra-large bag—big enough to collect their loot, plus a little for you too (of course). Enter the Eco-Shopper Foldable Tote, in what else but Sunset Orange. It's light-weight and easy to carry—perfect for running door-to-door. So, head to your local Lug retailer to snap one up, and have a happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking Good, Feeling Good

We all know that when you look good, you feel good. That's why we're dedicating this post to some of the great new Lug products that help you help yourself. First, we've got three new cosmetic cases in varying sizes that make it easy for the girl on the go to glam up. So, from largest to smallest, check out the Tumbler Cosmetic Clam, the Parasail Ripple Cosmetic Case (pictured, pink), and the Punter Zip Pouch. Whether you've got a lot or a little to tow, you're covered.

Next, the perfect companion to all our cosmetic cases, the Canoe Brush Holder. It neatly stores all your makeup brushes so all your tools are at hand and organized.

And finally, to the crowing glory—the ever-important hair-do (as opposed to the much-loathed hair-don't). Check out our Clipper Flatiron Case (pictured, green). It smartly stows hot flat irons and curling irons so you won't waist valuable time waiting for your iron to cool.

Looking good on the go is more convenient than ever, which means that feeling good is inevitable!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lug Love Galore!

We're happy to announce lots of Lug love across the inter-webs today. First up is Blisstree's list of gym bags that don't suck, in which the fabulous Puddle Jumper is featured.
"If you're stuck carrying a bunch of gear, Lug's Puddle Jumper bag can stand up to the task. ... Plus, it's big enough to use for weekend trips. That's a lot of bang for your buck."
Thanks, Blisstree! We agree!

Second is a little love from L.A. Parent, just in time for the cooler fall weather. They've featured our cuddly Undercover Bears, saying "we're ready to hibernate now!"

Of course, with an Undercover Bear by your side, you're always at the ready for a cozy, comfortable snooze!

We love the love!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

See Lug on!

We are so excited to be a part of the Promise Me Collection, which benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. And we're extra excited that our pretty pink Lug bags are featured on the homepage! You may remember all the deets from our previous post, but if you don't, here goes: We've designed three Lug favorites (the Shuttle Bus Weekender Bag, Train Case, and Clearview Envelopes) exclusively for Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Buy one today, and know that 25 percent of the purchase price will be donated to the cause—and a great cause at that.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lug Nut Alert!

This Lug Nut was spotted on the campus of the University of Oklahoma looking mighty cute with her Gondola Slouch Tote in Rose Pink. She recently went back to school to study a new language and needed a stylish book bag that didn't scream "student." As she says, "I get comments all the time about my bag, and I love to tell everyone about my love for Lug!"

Thanks, Lug Nut!

And to all you other Lug Nuts out there, we love to see the Lug love in action. Send us pics of you using your Lug gear, and we may post you as the next veritable Lug Nug.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Want to Get Away?

This first Fall chill got you yearning for the warmer days of summer? We know someone who can help. Theresa Nelle with Luxury Hideaways is the fantastic travel agent who planned the magnificent Maui honeymoon for Lug founders Ami and Jason after their May wedding. She is lucky enough to live in Maui, though she books travel to destinations around the world. Give her a call at 800-644-6659. And if you do go on a fab Fall vacay, send us a postcard!