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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking Good, Feeling Good

We all know that when you look good, you feel good. That's why we're dedicating this post to some of the great new Lug products that help you help yourself. First, we've got three new cosmetic cases in varying sizes that make it easy for the girl on the go to glam up. So, from largest to smallest, check out the Tumbler Cosmetic Clam, the Parasail Ripple Cosmetic Case (pictured, pink), and the Punter Zip Pouch. Whether you've got a lot or a little to tow, you're covered.

Next, the perfect companion to all our cosmetic cases, the Canoe Brush Holder. It neatly stores all your makeup brushes so all your tools are at hand and organized.

And finally, to the crowing glory—the ever-important hair-do (as opposed to the much-loathed hair-don't). Check out our Clipper Flatiron Case (pictured, green). It smartly stows hot flat irons and curling irons so you won't waist valuable time waiting for your iron to cool.

Looking good on the go is more convenient than ever, which means that feeling good is inevitable!

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