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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Celebrating the Holidays Lug®-style!

Celebrating the Holidays Lug®-style!

We’re coming down to crunch time – the holidays are closer than you think!  In less than two weeks, we’ll enjoy unwrapping our presents, eating delicious feasts, and most importantly, spending time with our loved ones.

Speaking of celebrating the holidays, check out how we do that here at Lug® - it’s a full day celebration!

We start off by recapping our accomplishments of the year as well as announcing our goals for 2014.  It’s not just a presentation, each department put on a “skit” with props.

How to best prepare for the Holidays – let’s go shopping!  Gift cards are distributed to ALL the staff, and then off we go – shopping to spend all our money!!!

Everyone is famished from all the shopping so we take some time to feast on a scrumptious lunch followed by an afternoon of fun games!!!  Raffle tickets are earned, prizes are won – it’s a winning combination!!!  We even celebrate our team members through an awards ceremony – the staff submits all nominations in advance. 

And let’s not forget the Lug® Holiday Concert – a special, secret surprise for Ami + Jason from the Lug® staff!

There was laughter, there was fun!  Everyone is happy, everyone is thankful!

This is how Lug® celebrates the upcoming holidays.  What special things will you be doing?

Season’s Greetings from Lug® and all the best for a Happy & Healthy New Year 2014!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Lug® Power Product:  Cruiser

Lug® Power Color:  Plum Purple

Great Strengths:  Philosophical, wide-open, and curious nature

Element:  Fire

Ruling Planet:  Jupiter

Symbol:  The Archer

Stone:  Turquoise

Compatible Sign:  Leo

Happy Birthday "Sagies"!!!