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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life at Lug® with Vana Amanatidis!

Vana’s adventure at Lug® started in September 2012.  As the Director of Communications, not only is she one of the first to arrive to the office every morning, her enthusiastic personality gets everyone ready for their day!  What does Vana enjoy most about being part of the Lug® team?  “The travel opportunities and all the special events we participate in, AND, of course, all the great people here!”

Vana’s typical day includes reviewing her “to-do’s” on Lug®’s project management software - she loves working off a checklist and the sense of accomplishment as each task is completed.  Who doesn’t love checking off their to-do’s???  One of her daily must-do’s is a walk around to say hello to everyone in the office and ensure that the coffee is made to keep everyone working at full force.  Imagine the grumpies in the office when Vana is on vacation!!!

In her spare time, Vana enjoys going for bike rides during the summer months and spending time with her family, especially her vibrant sister who lives next door (how very convenient!!!).  She also checks in on her daughter Christine who currently resides in Australia as well as her son Jonathan.  Keeping connected with far away friends through social media such as Facebook is super important to Vana!!

Vana has collected many Lug® pieces including the Cartwheel, Shimmy, Clipper, Flipper, Slider 15, Cable Car, Gondola, Snuz Sac...what can we say, the list is endless!!  But her absolute favorite Lug® product is her latest purchase, the Paddle BoatOvernight/Gym Duffel in Plum Purple!  It’s the perfect size for travel as a carry on, overnight getaways, and going to the gym!  Her favorite features – the ring holder for stowing her jewelry during a workout and the ventilated shoe compartment to stash her shoes after wards.  Inside her Paddle Boat you will find Vana’s very colorful running shoes, a change of clothes, and lots of this and that tucked in each and every special pocket (I mean really – what woman do you know that will reveal exactly what’s in her bag???).

How does Vana live life in color?  “I am an optimist and try to spread my positive energy to those around me!”  In other words, Vana naturally spreads the Lug® cheer – something so very important to Lug®!

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  1. Plum Purple is my absolute favourite colour! I love my purple echo backpack!!