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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Life at Lug® with Samira Rezaelahi

Meet Samira!!!  Working for Lug® as an Accounting Associate for nearly five years, her smile and positive energy will brighten anybody’s day.  How does she do it?  By starting her day with a glass of vegetable juice (recipes available upon request!!!) followed by 20 minutes of “a.m. yoga”, of course!  Samira believes “juices are healers as they have a source of life” and will always boost energy and happiness levels.  After that, she hits the road to get to the office and start her workday – checking emails, accounts receivables, accounts payables, billings…you get it, the typical accounting stuff – always leaving time for a walk with fellow Luggers and even a 10-minute weight lifting session in our LUGxurious gym!

When her workday is over, Samira is lucky to enjoy a home-cooked meal from her husband (I need to get me one of those!!) and take the time to fill each other in on their days, with no TV!!!  Weekends consist of more yoga, dancing and listening to music, reading books, browsing the internet for her favorite subjects – health, food, and news – shopping at farmers markets, and visiting with friends.  Samira truly enjoys life and is grateful for what she has!

We asked Samira what she likes best about working for Lug® and to that she replied, “Creativity, Colors, Clarity and Contribution.  Lug® products are made with happy colors and in creative ways that are very functional.  I believe communication is essential in every relationship, and here at Lug®, we do our best to communicate as clearly as possible with our customers and within the organization.  I admire that Lug® is very charitable and contributes tremendously to the community.  Most importantly, Lug® is a team – if someone needs a hand, Luggers are always willing to help.

So, you can only imagine Samira’s dilemma when we asked her about her favorite Lug® product.  “Can I say everything???”, said Samira.  “It’s just hard to name one product because it really depends on the reason I’m using my Lug® for!  I love the Airbus in Midnight Black and always use it when I’m travelling!  I love the Dodger in Grass Green!  It’s perfect for commuting to work on public transit as I’m hands-free and can easily access my book from the outside pocket and read it while I’m on the subway. I love all the cross body bags as they are all well-designed with different sizes and shapes but I absolutely love the Carousel in Ocean Blue which is a perfect size for my needs.  I love the Slider 15 in Chocolate Brown – super handy for my laptop and it is not bulky so I can easily fit it in another bag when I am traveling.  And to top it all off, you will also find the Shuttle Bus Wheelie, Nap Sac, Skipper, Double Dutch, Cable Car, Cabby, Windjammer, Mini Handspring, Mambo, Luggage Belt and Tags, Taxicab, and Sprout in her personal collection.

Samira no doubt lives her life in color as she believes “life is all about sharing and loving each other” and feels she is a “lucky person that has a loving family and lots of good friends”.

Namaste, Samira!

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