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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ready for Father's Day? You Will Be!

This morning I heard on the radio that we're just about one month from Father's Day. Not that I need that sort of reminder. I'm totally on top of things and have been planning a special gift for my father for weeks. Yep. Totally on top of things. But just in case you (yes, definitely you and not me) have not thought about this special holiday for all the dads out their (like I clearly have), here are some great gift ideas for dear old Dad. It's nice to know that I ... I mean ... you still have plenty of time to get out there to your local Lug retailer or order online.

How about the Delta 10.4 iPad Sleeve? Or even better, the Delta 10.4 iPad Sleeve with an actual iPad inside!

Or how about the Cargo Packing Squares? Or even better, the Cargo Packing Squares with a new shirt/sweater/pant/shoe packed inside!

Or how about the Tango Travel Wallet? Or even better, the Tango Travel Wallet with a plane ticket and trip itinerary inside! And a Snuz Sac! And a Luggage Bag and Tag Set! And a Vertical Hanging Toiletry Bag! ... And, well, seeing as we're a bag and travel accessories company, you've got quite a lot of choices.

Hope you have fun planning a fantastic Father's Day! Need more suggestions? Just ask!

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