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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Canadian Tulip Festival Knows How to Live Life in Color!

It's Canadian Tulip Festival time! I just heard about it this morning, but I thought, what a great festival to tell all the Lug Lovers about. I mean, as we all know, the motto here at Lug is LIVE LIVE IN COLOR! This year the theme is "Kaleidoscope—a Celebration of Spring Awakening Through Colour, Culture, and Community." As this write-up says, "This rite of spring and explosion of colour sees the city bloom back to life after a long winter's slumber." How lovely does that sound? If only I lived in Ottowa or were visiting between now and May 23, the last day of the festival. Go here for all the info you need, and if you can't go in person, go here to check out their gallery.

Planning on attending? We'd love to see your pictures! Send them to me at, and I'll post them on our Facebook page.

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