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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Plans: Bags, Check!

Heading off to the lake this weekend (woohoo!), and I'm getting all packed up.

First, I've got my sunscreen, my bug spray, my after-sun lotion, my post-bite anti-itch lotion ... lots of different potions (gotta be prepared!). But it's no problem. They all fit nicely in my Clearview Train Case.

Then, I've got my beach towel, my magazine (this trip, it's Bon Appetit with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover ... She's everywhere lately!), and my sunglasses. Again, no problem. My Gondola Slouch Tote saves the day.

And finally, there's everything else—clothes, multiple pairs of flip flops, toothbrush, deck of cards, kitchen sink, etc. For this I pull out my big Shuttle Bus. (But that reminds me: I should go ahead and upgrade to the Shuttle Bus Wheelie. It's niiiice.)

So, that's my weekend in bags. What are you doing this weekend? Better yet, what bags are you using?

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