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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Color Splash

It's the first official week of spring. Do you know the colors of the season? I do! Per the Pantone color trends report, the top 10 fashion colors are Honeysuckle (a toned-down hot pink), Russet (like the potato), Coral Rose (orange but with a bit of pink, like the inside of a papaya), Regatta (bold caribbean blue), Peapod (soft, sea foam green), Blue Curacao (somewhere right in between Regatta and Peapod), Beeswax (straight from the beehive), Lavender (a classic spring shade), Silver Peony (pretty—that's the best word for this soft pink), Silver Cloud (aptly named). I'm loving this season's colors! Blue Curacao is probably my favorite. Or maybe Honeysuckle. Or Silver Cloud. Okay, they're all favorites! Which is exactly why my collection of Lug gear spans the rainbow! What's your favorite color of the season?

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