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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Facebook Photo Contest: Pets + Lug = Precious!

Got an adorable pet that just so happens to love Lug? We'd love to see it! Which is exactly why we're excited to host a Facebook photo contest, and there are three simple steps to winning.

1. Snap a super-cute/unique/funny/outrageous picture of your pet(s) with any Lug product(s), and write a brief statement about why your pet loves Lug.
2. E-mail said picture and statement to me at, where I will cull through the entries, choose finalists, and create a Facebook Photo Contest album.
3. Peruse the album, "like" your favorite photo, then get all your friends to "like" it too.

The photo with the most "likes" by the end of April will win a Somersault Shoulder Pouch—a perfect little pouch to take on, say, a nice walk with your dog (like Lola, here, pictured above). Or maybe your cute kitty will like to play with the bag's fully adjustable strap (like Leon the Professional, pictured below). I'm sure you can think of a good use for this versatile little pack.

Submit your entries by April 15. That's just two weeks, so get to snapping!

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