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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Break-Down: Must-Haves for Your Trip (or My Trip)

Headed out of town for some Spring Break fun? I am, and I've got my Lug gear all picked out.

First, I'm taking my brand new Cartwheel. Sure, it's a great gym bag (I use it for my weekly yoga classes), but I've become seriously attached to this bag and all its smart features. It'll be my carry-on.

Second, I'm taking my Cargo Packing Squares, packing the two smaller ones to save bag space and stay organized and saving the large for dirty clothes.

Third, I'm taking my Undercover Bear. Agent Potts goes with me everywhere. (Unless it's in the laundry, in which case I take my Nap Sac.)

Fourth, fifth, and sixth are my Clearview Envelopes (for lip glosses), Canoe Brush Holder, and Clipper Flat Iron Case. Girl's got to look good on the go, you know?

I think that's it for this trip. I'm pretty Lugged out with six Lug products. What's the most Lug gear you've used on a single journey?

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