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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Product Goes Live!

After much anticipation, our BRAND NEW Spring 2011 products have finally been added to our web site! *cue the applause* And that's GREAT news! What's also great is that our brand new Spring 2011 products have been met with great enthusiasm. *wahoo!* What's not quite as great is that because of the enthusiasm and excitement, we have already sold out of some products and colors. *aww* But what's great again is that we're expecting our next shipment to arrive the first week of April! *yay!* What's even greater is that rather than waiting for our next shipment, you could check your local Lug retailer and see if they have the bag/wallet of your choosing in your favorite color! *double yay!* If they don't, you can just check back in early April. So, all in all, mostly great, eh?

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