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Friday, May 11, 2012

Lug Birds "Do the Happy" in New Digs

Last weekend we had some interesting weather at our base down here in the Texas Hill Country. There were "crazy winds and rain in the middle of the night," Ami said, "and when we got up and looked outside, we saw that our bird house had been knocked down. The metal pole literally folded and snapped in a couple of places and the poor bird house, which houses our family of purple martins was busted on the ground."

"We felt so bad for the birds because they were sitting on the fence, nearby tree, and electric wires, and it looked like they were wondering what to do." So Ami and Jason sprang into action, and headed to the hardware store to shop for a new home. 

Here's Jason, ready to start his Sunday project.

Ooooh, it's like a puzzle.

Jason is so happy he go the structure up!

Now, just a couple final touches.

Time to put it up. (Ami laughs, saying, "I put in one screw so I could say I helped."

Almost there! Look at all the excited birds! Jason kept hollering "Wait! Almost done!""Hang on a sec!"

And, it's up! Look at all the birds, eager to check out the new digs.

Home, sweet home! I'd say those birds are Doing the Happy!

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