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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dreams Take Flight Photo Recap

Lug goodie bags are packed. Bring on the kids!

The cute kiddos are ready to roll with their Lug goodie bags. 

We were greeted by our festive pilot and cheery attendants as we board the plane.

Snuggled in with a Nap Sac, ready for the long haul.

Our flight attendants get a 10 for enthusiasm! (Or is that an 8?)

Here's the sun, finally coming up.

We made it! Now, let's get to Disney!

Posing in front of Cinderella's Castle


Fun on It's a Small World

Log Ride!

Popsicle break!

Look at all the busses it took to take us to and from Disney!

Boarding the plane at dusk.

And, we're back! Love all the parents, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their children.

We feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of such a worthwhile trip. Thanks to all the folks at Dreams Take Flight for having the vision to put this unforgettable day together and all the sponsors who made it happen. Now, for a brief recap, straight from Freda, our Lug representative in the field for this trip:

This trip was AMAZING. The way all the different companies came together to provide these children with the opportunity of a lifetime was so inspiring and heartfelt. From something as small as ice cream cakes and popsicles from Dairy Queen to monetary donations from Belgium Alliance to Air Canada flying a plane from Toronto to Winnipeg just so these kids could have their own chartered airplane for this trip—it was unbelievable.  
Many of these children had never been outside of Canada, let alone been on an airplane. The Dreams Take Flight organization really pulled out all the stops to make this trip memorable trip. And at the end of the day to hear some of the kids say "This was the best day of my life" was just so touching because they meant it with such sincerity. 
 I'm still on Cloud 9. It could have to do with the lack of sleep I've experienced in the last 3 days (*wink*), but I think it has most to do with how amazed I am that with all the focus and dedication and pulling together of companies so these children could have a dream like this come true. Ahh! I could cry. 
Thank you Ami and Jason for affording me the opportunity to make this trip and witness something I won't soon forget. 

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