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Friday, May 18, 2012

Do the Happy for Victoria Day!

*Click here, and listen while you read. It'll put you in a happy mood, guaranteed.

Happy Victoria Day Weekend, folks! If you're not from Canada and don't have a clue about Victoria Day, click here. If you are from Canada and will be celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday with a long weekend full of fun and festivities, well, the rest of us are jealous. But at least we can live vicariously through you! 

So, tell us how you're doing the happy this holiday weekend, and if it's not a holiday for you, tell us how you're doing the happy anyway! It's as easy as posting a comment on our Facebook page, and don't forget, the second you click "post" and your comment appears on our page, you'll be entered to win a $25 Lug gift certificate. It's really that easy. If that doesn't make you do the happy dance, I just don't know what will.

Okay, maybe I do. ... If you haven't "liked" our Lug Facebook page yet, DO IT! For every "like" our page gets during the month of May, we'll donate $1 to the SickKids Foundation. ... You're totally doing the happy dance, right? Right!

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