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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Travel Tips ... Be Stress Free!

Holiday travel can be stressful. Okay, sure, that could have probably gone unsaid. I mean, with tens of millions planning to hit the road next week for Thanksgiving, there's bound to be plenty of stress to go around. But I've always believed that one key to being stress free is preparation. (See that woman in the picture over there to the left? She prepared.) So, I've scoured the web to find some sites with varied travel tips: First, here are some air travel tips. And here's a whole site dedicated to traveling with kids. Here are some driving tips. And for good measure, here are some tips for those who are stressed just from the thought of holiday travel and have convinced loved ones to travel to them.
Of course, the biggest preparation tip of all is to carry smart bags and travel accessories. Pack a Puddle Jumper for an overnight trip or opt for a Shuttle Bus for the weekend. Or there's always the Tuk Tuk or the Taxi or the Moped or ... Well. You get the picture. There's a Lug bag for every possible pilgrimage, plus accessories (like a Nap Sac or a Flatbed or a Tango ...) to ease any travel stresses.
So, be prepared, and you can be just like the woman in the picture. Or at least a little more carefree.

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