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Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Week To Go!

You may think I'm talking about Thanksgiving, which, of course, is exactly one week from today. But I'm not. No, I'm talking about the deadline to enter this month's contest for LUG FAN OF THE MONTH, which is also exactly one week from today. Each and every month, Lug scours submissions and chooses one lucky Lug fan, who wins all kinds of Lug loot. And each and every month, the deadline to enter is the 25th. Christine Rivard was our September fan, and our October fan will be revealed later this month. Will you be our November fan? ... Not if you don't enter! Luckily, it's easy. Just go here, tell us why you're a big Lug Nut, and include a pic or two.

See. I told you it was easy.

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