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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lug Love From Tango Diva

If you're a woman into travel and haven't heard of Tango Diva, you're going to be bookmarking their site right ... now. As they say, it's a "community for women to share solo travel experiences, ideas, and questions in the hopes of creating connections with other women throughout the world." They've just posted a great story called The Trendy Traveler: Avoiding Theft in Style, where they highlight none other than the Skipper Shoulder Pouch by Lug! (We just blogged about the Skipper here.) Check out the story, then head to Lug to buy the bag. Use the code TANGODIVA until Aug. 6 to get 15 percent off. Thanks go Tango Diva for spreading the Lug love! Happy travels!

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