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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lug + Joe Carter & Friends Golf Tournament = Good Lug-ing

We love spreading the love here at Lug, and that's exactly what we did on June 23 at the first annual Joe Carter and Friends Golf Tournament. (There's lovable Joe, pictured above!) We sponsored the 11th hole, where we hosted a beanie chair toss—a high-skill, high-stakes competition where participants gingerly toss the beanie over their shoulder, trying to land closest to the marker and win. (See P.K. Subban's excellent form.) Winners scored a naturopathic remedy kit (click here if you have no idea what naturopathy is), and we also gave away our beanie chairs, luggage tags and coupons, plus Frommer's laptop sleeves and digital cases. We also custombranded our Shuttle Bus for the tournament and provided it to all the players. It was a great event, with proceeds going to a great cause—the Children's Aid Foundation. We're already counting down for next year's tourney!

Quote of the day comes from Canadian hockey great Rick Vaive, who said, "You gotta Lug life!" We Lug you, Rick Vaive.

Click here to see all the pics from the event on Facebook.

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