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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beachy Keen: Brilliant Lug Bags for the Beach

It's summertime, which, for many people, also means it beach time. And what word goes with beach? Bag! Also ball, umbrella, and towel, among others. But the bag is clearly the most important. If not for the bag, no other beach necessity would arrive on shore. Luckily, at Lug there are many viable options. Of course, the Gondola Slouch Tote is an obvious choice, with its big belly for beach towels and a book, as well as it's wipeable bottom. Add to that, the Clearview Envelopes, which keep any bigger beach bag tidy and are great for stashing messy sunscreen, and the Freight Box Lunch Cube for snacks. But an unexpected option is the Eco Shopper Foldable Tote, and here's why it's great:
1. It folds into a tiny envelope and takes up less space in a suitcase than that itsy bitsy teeny bikini.
2. It unfolds and easily packs two towels, book/magazine, sunscreen, and any other little beach necessities.
3. It's made of specially treated water repellent material, so it'll look just as good leaving the beach as it did when it got there.
4. You can get it in Ocean Teal (pictured), which just makes sense.

Happy beaching!

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