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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lug Bag Brawl

Can't we all just get along? Short answer: no.

Let me explain.

Moose (the black and white cat) had just found himself a nice Lug promotional tote to cozy up in. "Comfy and cute," he said to himself. 

Then his big sister, Leon the Professional, was all "Hey! Whatcha doing in there, Moose? That looks purrrrrty nice." (Pun intended. That Leon is a clever little cat.)

Did I say little cat? I meant big—as in bossy big sister cat who always gets her way. She was all, "Hi-ya! Kazow! Karate chop! Scat, little bro! This bag is mine!"

"Ah. Little bro was right," thought Leon. "It is comfy and cute."

And that is the story of the Lug bag brawl.

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