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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Look! It's Lug's Annual Holiday Party

(Click this first, then read on.)

If you clicked, as you should have, you will be reading this and no doubt be in a cheery holiday mood, which just so happens to be the perfect mood for hearing about our favorite annual celebration—yes, the Lug Office Holiday Party! But at Lug, we go big. We don't just have one little party. We have one whole day of festivities and fun! Here's a little recap:

First, we kicked off the day with a fun color personality game (typical Lug, right?), and all our Luggers filled out a questionnaire to see what color personality they are. As Ami says, "It was a great exercise and really got us all laughing!"

Next, we had a town hall meeting where we announced our achievements (*patting ourselves on the back*) and challenges for the year, and looked ahead to our 2013 goals.

Then, we went shopping! Yup. We took all our lovely Luggers to Costco for a one-hour shopping spree.

After all that shopping, we needed nourishment, so it was back to the office for a big buffet lunch. Everyone chowed down while we watched a year-in-review slideshow. (Thank goodness Ami takes so many pictures!)

Afterward, we let our competitive sides shine with three hours of games. Best part was, during the games everyone earned raffle tickets for prizes at the end of the day. We've got one competitive bunch, I must say. Especially when it comes to spoons!

Games were followed by our awards ceremony. We had three people who reached their 5th year anniversary with Lug, so they were awarded with a 7-night all-inclusive beach destination (wholly guacamole!).

Ah, another successful holiday party in the bag (ba-dum-dum).

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  1. I knew I liked Lug for a reason! Any company who can treat their employees that well, has great employees, great products and great customers! Congrats and Merry Christmas :)