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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lug Takes a Night Out to the Ballpark

We're hard workers at Lug, and sometimes we need to play hard too. So, last week we had Lug appreciation night and went to see the Toronto Blue Jays play the Texas Rangers in "our very own swanky box" (as Ami called it). 

More from Ami: "A night out like this is our little token of appreciation to say THANK YOU for all that you do. Our company has a lot to be proud of and it's your dedication and heart that you put into the company that makes us stronger and stronger each year!" 

So, THANK YOU Lug team! ... And go Jays! And Rangers! ... When you're based in Toronto and Texas, this is sort of a hard game to watch, eh?

Enjoy the pics. And before you ask, yes, that's Jose Bautista! And, yes, that's a signed card for the Lug team!

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