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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lug Gets Busy in August! See What We're Up To

It may be the last month of summer, but the Lug calendar is just gearing up! We have seven trade shows this month! SEVEN! But we still find time for a little fun. Okay, a lot of fun. 

First is the Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival (Aug. 10-12). We're sponsoring our own Lug stage, and we are so excited about hosting Lindsay Broughton, The Roughtones, and MacKenzie Porter!

Then we've got the Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament (Aug. 15). This will be our third year participating, and each year the event gets better and better. And you know what? We love that it's golf for a good cause, benefitting the Children's Aid Foundation.

With our super-busy schedule this month, we thought our Toronto office was due for a little extracurricular fun, so on August 17, the whole office, plus families, is heading to the Rogers Center downtown for a Toronto Blue Jays game. I'm excited just writing about it. Summer baseball, maybe some peanuts and Cracker Jack. Ah, I love it!

Tell us what you're doing this August!

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