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Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap Day: What did you do on your bonus day?

This past Wednesday was that reliable February day that comes around every four years. That's right, it was Leap Day. Some call it "Bonus Day," and I like the sound of that: a bonus day to do with what you will. It's extra. So, have some extra fun. Eat that extra piece of cake. Stay up late to watch that movie you love. Take a mini-vacation. Do something fun! ... Unfortunately, before this year, I had never really thought of Leap Day as anything but another day on the calendar, so I didn't take advantage of my bonus day. But, I'm super excited about Leap Day 2016! So excited, in fact, that I'm already collecting ideas to make that bonus day AWESOME! Here's where you come in. What's the best way to spend a bonus day? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

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