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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Green Garb for St. Patty's Day

That's right. March means it's time for all those who are Irish by decent and Irish by election to show their pride and embrace all things green: green clothes, green beer, green eggs and ham, and, yes, green Lug bags! Before we moved our US office down to Austin, our home base was Dallas, TX, and in Dallas, TX, they have a big, rowdy, raucous St. Patty's Day celebration. There's a 5K and a parade and live music and, of course, lots of green beer flowing. I can hardly think of a better event to bust out a Grass Green Lug bag, like our new Dodger Mini Backpack. It's a great, lightweight, hands-free option, perfect for Patty's Day, when you might need both your hands free to, say, hold a beer ... in each hand. (We don't judge.) 

What will you do for St. Patty's Day? Does your home town host any fun celebrations?

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