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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Forget Valentine's Day?

Make up for it with an "I'm Sorry I Forgot Valentine's Day" gift from Lug! And you know that if you forgot a gift yesterday, you've got to up the ante for the "I'm Sorry" gift. Luckily, I've created an easy-to-follow chart. First, what you were going to get. Then, what you should up the ante for now. Here goes:

Adorable Heart-Shaped Travel Charm —>>> Mini Handspring Wallet (Maybe even include a nice restaurant gift card inside for bonus points. After all, you need all the help you can get.)

If you were going to go for the petite Somersault Shoulder Pouch, up the ante for the bit-bigger Aerial Cross Body Bag. Unless, of course, she really wanted the smaller Somersault. Oh, gosh, it's so hard to choose! You should probably get them both, just be safe. ... Okay, maybe it's not so easy to make an easy-to-follow chart. Turns out, everything from Lug makes a great gift, whether it's an actual Valentine's Day gift or an "I'm Sorry I Forgot Valentine's Day" gift. Head here or to your local Lug retailer for your gift inspiration.

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