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Thursday, January 19, 2012

NEW for 2012! Meet the Windjammer Everyday Tote!

We're so happy to introduce another amazing option for your everyday adventures. The Windjammer Everyday Tote comes fully loaded with padded shoulder straps, hidden water bottle holder, removable coin pouch and key fob, wipeable bottom, pockets galore, and a Lug "feature first:" a soft-lined pocket with a pull-tab, magnetic closure that's ideal for easy access to your smartphone. Ingenious! You'll love the look of this clever tote too. The Windjammer, along with all of our NEW items will be reaching our warehouse in the coming days, and from there, will ship off to a retailer near you, so be on the lookout!


  1. YEA - another Lug bag I have to have!!! Do you know how difficult it is figuring out what bag to use for the day! I have so many to choose from and now I'll just have to add another to my collection -- but first I need to get the wheeled version on my Puddle Jumper