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Thursday, January 12, 2012

NEW for 2012! Meet the Flipper Jewelry Clutch!

 Introducing our very first new product of the spring/summer launch—the Flipper Jewelry Clutch! Why do we call it a jewelry clutch? It holds your jewelry and it's so cute, it could be used as an evening clutch. It's a two-for! And when I said "it holds your jewelry," I didn't mean it just holds your jewelry. I meant, it REALLY holds your jewelry. Aside from the two soft-lined pocket, two removable zippered pouches, and two outer zip pockets, there are clips that keep your necklaces from knotting, a mesh pocket that you can slip your earrings through to keep them in place, and a padded strap that slides through your rings and snaps into place. You might have to go buy some jewelry just to use all of this little clutch's amazing features.  

Now, the biggest and most important question: When will you be able to buy this bag? ... I'll have to get back to you with a date. Sorry! I'd hate to tell you the wrong date, but I will update this post as soon as I know.


  1. Hurry, I want it....

  2. YES, I am WAITING!! Travel plans this summer....What is the price point and WHEN will it be available?