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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lug Fit Club: Getting Fit is Even More Fun

By now you should know that the Lug team is getting fit. But then we asked ourselves, "Selves! Why should we just get fit when we can have FUN too?"

Well, it was an easy decision to try to add more fun. But how? ... hmmm ...


So we did. Check it out (pictured).

Now, we're traveling across North America on a quest to make it across the continent and back. Sure, there will be challenges along the way (at each checkpoint you'll open an envelope that will hold your fate—will it be a physical challenge, like 10 burpees? Will it be a mental challenge, like knowing your geography? Or will you catch a pitfall and be banished until you complete a more difficult challenge?). But there will also be surprise prizes, and, of course, an ultimate winner!

Hope our friendly little office competition (which will continue through December) inspires some other LugNuts out there to get fit!

Tell us: What do you do to get fit?

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