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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Friday Yoga: Finding Calm in the Crazy

So, last Friday our lovely Lugger Freda, who also happens to be a talented yoga teacher and leader of our Friday yoga class, decided to take the group outside for a little impromptu outdoor yoga.

"It was definitely a different experience from doing it in the gym," she says. "The idea was that it would be a serene outdoor experience; however, tractors and lawnmowers showed up midway to prep the lawn for back-to-school."

You Zen some, you lose some, eh? (bah-dum-dum-ching!)

But when clever Freda was served lemons, she made lemonade. "I used the metaphor of what this looks like for us in our daily lives, where sometimes there's a lot of noise trying to distract us from what's important, but it's in these times that we need to hone in and focus. Then, if we can get through it, the benefit is even greater!"

Brilliant! Brilliant, I say! Well done, Freda, and all you yogis out there. Way to rack up points in the Lug Fit Club!

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