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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Travel Tunes: Updating Your Travel Playlist

Any lengthy trip requires a host of diversions—books, movies, games, and, of course, music. And it's only natural that holiday travel would require holiday tunes. A little mood music, if you will. Here's a little inspiration to update your playlist:

First is Amazon's list of 25 Essential Holiday Albums. Lots of classics on this list, plus a little something from a range of genres—jazz, country/bluegrass, rock, soul.

But as I looked through the Amazon list, I realized that there was no Mariah. *gasp* It's just not Christmas without Mariah Carey. She's put out many since this album, but the original Merry Christmas is hard to beat.

Of course, there's Josh Groban and Michael Buble for great male leads, and Susan Boyle and adorable little Jackie Evancho, two amazing voices to come out of talent competitions.

Then, during my research, I came across this NPR story: The Best, Worst and Weirdest in Holiday CDs. And that is what I will leave you with. Happy listening!

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