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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Agent Turnberry: Bear About Town and Attendee of Children's Aid Foundation Celebration

Agent Turnberry is a real cool cat (he's got a lot of this, and he's got a lot of that). This past Sunday he stopped by the Children's Aid Foundation's 31st Annual Holiday Season Celebration, which is a fabulously festive party that spreads holiday cheer to hundreds of children in the care of child welfare services in the Toronto area and their families. Of course, he was delighted to attend such a worthwhile event, and we've just gotten word that he was an (almost) perfect gentleman at the affair.

"He was very well behaved and really brought smiles to the faces of all the children at the party! ... We had a hard time keeping him away from the blue raspberry lollipops, but never the less he is welcome back anytime!"

What can we say? He loves those darn blue raspberry lollipops!

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