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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Food for the Fourth

Today, as I sit and write, reflecting on the fun of yesterday's Canada Day and ruminating the fun of a Fourth of July celebration just two days away, I think ... I'm hungry. Hence this post about food.

There's nothing like a good holiday to bring out the very best in belt-busting cuisine. After all, why do we work so hard the rest of the year if we can't indulge a little when it's celebration time? And of all the holidays, I think I love Fourth of July food the very best. Sitting outside, grilling burgers/steaks/hotdogs/bbq/whatever!, and sipping on some tart-but-sweet lemonade—I mean, what could be better? I especially love the super-patriotic food, like that Fruit-Tart Flag in the picture (thanks,!). Just awesome.

For more America-lovin' recipes, check out this Food Network gallery of 24 delicious-looking food and drink recipes of July 4th favorites, and have a happy holiday!

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