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Friday, February 15, 2013

Lug FitBit Challenge: It's So On!

You know how we at Lug like our office challenges. There's just something about a little friendly competition that gets us going (mostly our mouths, with a whole lotta smack talk). This month, we've been busy with our February FitBit Challenge—a fitness competition that rewards the Lugger who walks the most steps with a brand spankin' new designer office chair. Check out these cute pics from our Lug Fit Club map to see who's on top and who's got to pick up the pace. That cute little one in front is Vana, and she says, "Catch me if you can!"

Looking for a little fitness motivation? There's nothing like a new gym bag to get you in gear. Check out our new Paddle Boat, Cartwheel, or the beloved Puddle Jumper, which, by the way, has just won a Women's Health award (check out their March issue!).

The race is on, and our Luggers are trekking across the Lug Fit Club map. 

 See the Lug mamas (out on maternity leave) relaxin' down in Florida. 

Ami and Jason walking through the Hill Country down in Austin, Texas.

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