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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Q&A with Country Crooner Lindsay Broughton

We love us some Lindsay Broughton! The Canadian country singer starred on our Lug stage at the Boots and Hearts Festival this August, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Here's what she had to say:

Lug: So what's on your current playlist, Lindsay?
LB: My current playlist is all over the place! I've had Dean Brody's "Dirt" album, The Black Crowes and Little Big Town on Repeat for the last few months. There's a couple of my guilty pleasures on there too though- a little spice girls never hurt anyone haha :) 
Lug: Who are you excited to see at Boots and Hearts?
LB:To be honest I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the list from fellow local artists all the way to Carrie Underwood. I love music and I feel like every musician and artist always brings something different to the table in their shows which I admire and find so interesting. Boots and Hearts is going to be swarming with talent so I'm really just looking forward to seeing as many shows as possible. I will say though- I'm hoping Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow get up and do "picture" together-I've love that song! 
Lug: What's the craziest story you have while on tour?
LB:Haha, I actually had a recent crazy thing happen to me on my flight home from my most recent radio tour! 
I was sitting beside this man who found out I was a musician and just wouldn't be quiet! He was a Chatty Cathy on 10! I was trying to be polite and I tried to watch my movie and I actually tried pretending I was sleeping at one point (haha).. but he wouldn't stop talking, going on and on about everything under the sun (And I mean EVERYTHING) to the point where he was being inappropriate and uncomfortable. 
This guy could not take a hint, was trying to hold my hand and was asking for my number (Even after I was desperately ignoring him!) 
I couldn't take it anymore and finally had him moved away from me! The minute we landed the police came on the plane and whisked him away! It was pretty scary and nerve wracking at the time and probably one of the worst situations to be in when you're 3500 feet in the air right after a two week tour and all you want to do is go home to your bed! 
Lug: What's your favourite Lug product?
LB: I love the Shuttle Bus Weekender Bag! I am a woman of many products and I do not travel light haha  
Lug: What is your favourite Lug colour?
LB:NO PREFERENCE. . but love anything rose pink or black :)
Lindsay loves Lug and we love her!

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