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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NEW for Fall 2012: Slingshot iPad/Tablet Pouch

Yup. We've got your iPad/Tablet storage solution. And you're gonna LOVE it! Why? Because it doesn't just protect your pad (though it totally does). Oh, no. It also has some bonus storage space for those miscellaneous items that you couldn't live without—think headphones, small notebook and pen, cell phone, etc. Plus it has a convenient handle, a removable, fully adjustable strap, and it even converts into a mini backpack for when you'd like to carry it hands-free. It's the perfect little carry-on companion, if we do say so ourselves.


  1. I gotta add this bag to the collection!!!!!

  2. When will it be available to order?

  3. How much is it? And when will it be available????

  4. It looks fabulous ...... but the interior photo looks like it is of the laptop version???? I'd love to see a pic of the actual interior of the iPad slingshot.