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Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's in Your Bag: Somersault Edition

Time for another installment of "What's in Your Bag?" In the spotlight today, the Somersault Shoulder Pouch! So ....

I was about to head out to run some errands around town, and rather than lugging my big bag along, I thought I'd pack light in my Somersault. Of course, "packing light" still means I need my collection of lip glosses (neatly stored in my Clearview Envelope) and my newest obsession, the  Amazon Kindle (there's always a long wait at my post office, so it's best to come prepared). Aside from those essentials, here's what's in my bag:

1. Pens—a no-brainer.
2. My handy business card case.
3. My glasses (stored in their own special soft-lined pocket).
4. A mini tape measure. (Put one in your bag and see how often you'll use it. Seriously. Don't knock it till you try it.)
5. My flash drive. (Don't actually know what that's doing in there.)
6. Car keys.
7. Grocery bag (Lug Eco-Shopper, of course).
8. Tissues. (Always.)
9. Pocket mirror.
10. Hair clips.

That's it and that's all!

So, what's in your bag? We love to hear how you're using your Lug. Send pictures and details to, and you may be featured in the next installment of "What's in Your Bag?"

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