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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Guide a la Lug

V-Day is closing in. It's such a controversial holiday, really. Some people love it (mainly, those who are in love), and some people hate it (everyone else). No matter which boat you're in, who can say that any holiday involving gifts is really that bad? Thus, the Valentine's Day Gift Guide a la Lug—sure to make your Valentine's Day a happy one!

For the girlie girl: The Clipper Flatiron Case—she'll love you as much as she loves her lovely locks.

For the muscle man: The Shuttle Bus Weekender Bag—sure, it's a great big bag for the gym, but it's also a bag that says, "Come on over and stay a while!"

For the "cuddle muffin": Cuddling. Even the name sounds cute. But cuddling has never been cuter than with our Undercover Bears. (Choose Agent Raydar for love and prosperity.)

For the gal on the go: The Travel Charms, Heart Shaped Tag—It's a travel tag. It's a heart. ... Ooh! And if you want to go all out, you could take her on a trip too! Here's how the conversation would go!

You: Will you be my Valentine?
Her: Of course!
You: Then open your present, m'lady.
Her: Wow! It's an adorable heart-shaped luggage tag made by Lug, one of my favorite companies!
You: Yes, and you can use it on your luggage, which I've already packed for you because we're going to (insert awesome vacation idea here)!!!

End scene.

Hope you all have the BEST VALENTINE'S DAY EVER!

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