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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day by Lug

This Labor Day weekend, I took a trip to N'awlins—the Big Easy, the Crescent City, the birthplace of jazz—and, boy, was it fun. I could tell you about the food I ate (yum!), sites I saw (awesome history), music I danced to (thank goodness there is no video of my moves), but I'll leave all that to the guide books and give you my trip by Lug!

Lug Stop #1: First, the plane trip. No matter where I'm going, I never leave home without a Nap Sac or Undercover Bear—a travel essential.
Lug Stop #2: I landed and the tacky tourist in me took over. Luckily, I had my Wings Day Bag on hand to stuff my camera, map, guide book, water bottle, sun glasses, etc. All you need is a good bag, and you're set to explore for the day.
Lug Stop #3: Next came shopping mode—gotta have a souvenir (or two or three) to commemorate my trip! I headed out with a cute little purse and my trusty Eco Shopper stashed inside. Its super light weight doesn't weigh you down ... until you fill it with fun finds!

All in all, a great Lug trip. Wonder what I'll take on my next excursion?

Have you used your Lug gear on a recent trip? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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