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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lug Love Times Two

We've been getting a lot of Lug love in the past few days, and we love spreading the love right back at ya!

First, thanks Laptop Mag for your awesome coverage of our Echo Laptop Backpack. Per the story:
The Echo isn’t much larger than most backpacks, but the sheer number of storage options, along with solid build quality, makes it a great bag for any situation.
So glad you noticed our supreme attention to organizational excellence, Laptop Mag.

Second, thanks Gadling for your excellent review of our cute and cosy Undercover Bears. Per the story:
Last year, we crowned the Lug SNUZSAC as one of the best travel products of 2009 - and it really is a fantastic travel product, offering a blanket and pillow in a single carry-on. And now the brains behind Lug just announced a kids version of the SNUZSAC ... called Undercover Bears. ... [I]f you pick the purple Undercover Bear, you'll be best friends with Agent Pufferton. This agent enjoys plum pudding and covers you with spirit and hope. How awesome is that?
Pretty awesome, Gadling. Pretty awesome.

Thanks for all the Lug love out there!

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