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Monday, March 22, 2010

Paralympic Experience - Day 4

Check out the bling on these Luggers.

An afternoon at Whistler Olympic Park - here to watch Nordic events! McKeever wins Gold again!! Hey McDonald's - how about introducing the McKeever!

Closing ceremonies already here. Anyone watch it on CTV??

We warmed up at an after party hosted by our friends at Pfizer - had an amazing time!! Thank you Pfizer!! You Rock!!! We mingled with Stephanie Dixon, Patrick Anderson & Robin McKeever - all terrific ambassadors of the Paralympic Movement.

Yes that is Prince Edward! Jason didn't expect to be shaking hands with royalty today that's for sure.
This is a shout out to jingle jangle, shake n' bake, + razzle well as ruby and erin our glorious hosts!
Check our blog link at and watch the video at the bottom....the true art of pin trading. too cute.

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